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Peptide Therapy

Discover the power of peptides – the essential building blocks of proteins that naturally regulate various biological functions. From pain relief and accelerated healing to weight loss, muscle gain, and enhanced cognitive function, our peptides unlock a range of benefits. Experience the science of rejuvenation, from reducing signs of aging to promoting better sleep quality. Elevate your well-being with our advanced peptide solutions.


Peptide Options


Elite Strength & Recovery
IFG-1  ( Insulin-like Growth Factor 1)

Good For: Those who exercise regularly and want to build muscle and burn fat. Improves sleep, increases energy, muscle tone, and supports muscle recovery and healing.

What Does It Do?: Enhances physical performance & regulates body fat. Builds muscle mass & increases strength. Regulates blood sugar and improves collagen production & skin elasticity.



The OG in GH

Good For: Increase in lean body mass, energy, strength, accelerating wound healing. Semorelin can improve cardiovascular health.

What Does It Do?: Sermorelin is a peptide analog of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone used as a diagnostic agent to assess GH secretion to diagnose a deficiency.



Brain Reboot
NAD + Injection

Good For: Our NAD reboot is designed to help clear brain fog and increase mental clarity. NAD+ is a naturally occurring coenzyme that is essential for cellular metabolism. It plays a role in energy production, DNA repair, and cell death. It can help fight addiction tendencies.

What Does It Do?: NAD+ levels decline with age, and this may contribute to the age-related decline in cellular function. Supplementing may help to restore youthful cellular function, delay the aging process, boost energy level, and support recovery.



The Recovery Blend
GHK-CU | BPC 157 | TB500 | KPV

Good For: Recover faster and feel your best. Helps with healing post-surgery, workouts, and overall aches and pains. Has anti-inflammatory effects that target muscle healing, joint health, and skin inflammation.

What Does I Do?: Supports cognitive performance, acceleration of healing in many different wounds, including tendon-to-bone healing and damaged ligaments. Tightening loose skin and reverse thinning of aged skin.



Overall Wellness
CJC-1295/ Ipamorelin

Good For: Great for those who want to increase muscle mass and bone density. Overall, it helps burn fat,improve hair, skin, nails, and sleep. Also improves cognition and memory function. Increases sex drive and ability to burn fat.

What Does It Do?: Strengthens the cardiovascular system while increasing collagen production and burning fat. Makes you produce more IGF and growth hormone naturally. Helps you lean out, increase muscle and sleep better.



Mito Metabolism

Good For: Boosting the metabolism of glucose can help prevent metabolic-related diseases such as diabetes and obesity. It also helps turn back the clock on aging because it reverses cellular decline by promoting the renewal of cell components.

What Does It Do?: Mots-C is a 16 amino acid peptide, which is naturally produced by the mitochondria in your cells. Mots-C regulates metabolic processes in the body, notably, it converts glucose into usable energy.



Libido Enhancer
PT 141

Good For: An FDA approved drug that increases sexual desire. Beneficial for men and women who have low libido or want to increase their sex drive. It may help increase sexual satisfaction for both men and women, and causes a 50% increase in sexually satisfying experiences.

What Does It Do?: Unlike Viagra and other related medications, it does NOT act upon the vascular system, but directly increases sexual desire via the nervous system. It also increases energy and is beneficial for erectile dysfunction.



The Anti-Aging Blend
GHK-CU | Epithalon | Thymalin | TAM-818

Good For: Great for anti-aging from the inside out! Improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines and depth of wrinkles.

What Does It Do?: Tighten loose skin & reverse thinning of aged skin. Smooths out skin texture and rough skin.



No Winter Blues
Vitamin D

Good For: It is fat-soluble vitamin that has loos been known to help the body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus, both are critical for building bone.

What Does It Do?: Also, laboratory studies show that vitamin D can reduce cancer cell growth, help controlinfections and reduce inflammation.



Better Than You Average B

Good For: This is not vour average B12. This MICB12 has amazing benefits that help promote the release of fat from cells and enhance the body's fat burning metabolism. These molecules all play important roles in fat metabolism.

What Does It Do?: Can boost your metabolism give you and give an energy boost, improve your mood, memory and cognition! Known to also lower cholesterol levels.



The Focus Blend

Good For: This peptide combination uses three powerful neural enhancers that boost your memory and mood.

What Does It Do?: Improves memory, learning ability, and alertness by assisting in the growth of new neural connections. This peptide acts as a natural antidepressant, mood regulator, and memory booster.



The Sleep Blend
DSIP | BPC 157 | CJC-1295 

Good For: Get help sleeping and lower your cortisol levels. This sleep blend not only helps induce sleep during the evening, but you will have increased energy during the day!

What Does It Do?: Improves disturbed sleeping patterns, supports cognitive performance during the day, reduces chronic pain, and improves L.H and GH release.


RenewMD Custom Blends

Our blends are a mix of common peptides in one bottle! The advantage to the blends is getting multiple effects from one injection. These are some of the most common blends we have, however - customization is also available if you'd like us to blend your own cocktail!

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