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At RenewMD, we revolutionize medicine, tailoring comprehensive and top-tier services to meet each client's unique needs. Our expanding client base drives us to continually enhance our offerings, ensuring our valued customers achieve optimal well-being. Discover a distinctive perspective in the wellness industry as RenewMD innovatively transforms health services, leaving you stronger and healthier. Take charge of your well-being with RenewMD's array of options – make the positive lifestyle change you've been yearning for.

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Discover the power of peptides – the essential building blocks of proteins that naturally regulate various biological functions. From pain relief and accelerated healing to weight loss, muscle gain, and enhanced cognitive function, our peptides unlock a range of benefits.


Experience the science of rejuvenation, from reducing signs of aging to promoting better sleep quality. Elevate your well-being with our advanced peptide solutions.

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TRT for men safely replenishes your

testosterone levels so you can become  the best version of yourself again and reduce symptoms such as:

  • changes in sexual function

  • increased body fat

  • reduced muscle bulk

  • reduced strength

  •  less energy

  • decrease in motivation

  • decrease in self-confidence


HRT for women is one of the treatments for relief of menopausal symptoms such as:

  • hot flashes

  • sleep disturbances

  • night sweats

  • bone loss

  • vaginal dryness

  • mood swings

  • mild depression

  • irritability

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Weight management

injections are innovating and promising medications for weight loss that have shown remarkable results in clinical studies. 




" I'm a 67 year old man with many health problems. I've had my 3rd metal hip and neck and 2 back surgerys and my arm broke in 5 places and had to take the big elbow socket out. I'm bone on bone knee, difficulty with things like going up and down stairs. 


Well shoot,  I thought my life was over and I asked God for help and a couple days later I met Chris. Chris and RenewMD put me on the peptides and low dose testosterone as well as deca, and 6 months later I'm working out in the gym - dancing and camping out with my girlfriend every weekend. I thank God everyday for bringing Chris and RenewMD into my life because life is so good today, so whatever kind of problem you have, I promise Chris can help you so just trust God and go see Chris."

M. Scott, MS

"In March of 2018 I weighed 411lbs. and decided to have the sleeve surgery to lose weight. Over the next year I lost 200lbs. and got down to 205lbs. I was lifting weights six days a week and really wanted to build muscle, but was struggling to put on weight. I joined Premiere Fitness in February of 2022 and was still consistent with weight training and tracking what I was eating. I was consistently working hard and eating right, but still having difficulty adding muscle the way I wanted to. 

I signed up with Renew MD and saw immediate results. I am able to regularly have bloodwork done and have a doctor monitoring my progress. Over the last year I have been consistently able to add muscle and I've hit my goal weight of 235lbs. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life at 41 years old. The products and service at Renew MD is second to none and has given me the extra help I needed to reach my goals."

C. Nichols, MS


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Open monday - saturday by appt. only

Tupelo, MS

1670 McClure Cove

Tupelo, MS 38804

(662) 231-7718

Madison, MS

109 Executive Drive, Suite 1

Madison, MS 39110


(662) 297-6726

Oxford, MS

2686 West Oxford Loop Suite 124

Oxford, MS 38655


(662) 380-2499

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Pontotoc, MS

158 HWY 15 Suite C

Pontotoc, MS 38863


(662) 308-1185

Booneville, MS

404 Adams St.

Booneville, MS 38829

(662) 416-6204

Yazoo, MS

2150 Gordon Ave.

Yazoo City, MS 39194

(601) 506-8219

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